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Mayfield is a new age Owners Corporation Management company.

We are modern and passionate about what we do and we love servicing our owners needs.

Your team at Mayfield understand the importance of how important our role is in managing your asset. We are dedicated to providing professional service in an efficient dependable manner. It’s simply not good enough to respond to problems that may pop up from time to time without you knowing where, when and how the problem will be solved.

Our promise to you is that we will keep you informed and relaxed in the knowledge that Mayfield are in control.


To be regarded as an Owners Corporation Manager that excels in providing a service that is the benchmark of the industry.


To be recognised as the best Owners Corporations Managers to work with from our Owners, Staff and Partners perspectives.


Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. In all our business dealings with all our owners, staff and partners.


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What to look for when selecting a Body Corporate Management Company.

Selecting from the many owners corporation managers available can be confusing enough for an individual, but when corporate body members have to agree on the best Body Corporate Management solution for their property, it can be hard to find the right criteria to compare the different companies, and the body corporate services that they provide.

This is especially true when you consider that different states and cities all have their own unique legislation, compliance requirements and assorted issues that can affect a corporate body.

Get someone who knows the state legislation.

Every state is different. A Body Corporate in Victoria (also called an Owner’s Corporation) is subject to slightly different regulations than one in other states. Having someone aware of these differences, and the legislation of Body Corporates in Victoria is essential. Having someone with detailed knowledge of Victorian regulations as they stand, as well as any expected modifications, can make an enormous difference in the efficiency (and cost effectiveness) of an Owner’s Corporation.

They should know the area.

If you are part of a Body Corporate in Melbourne, having a local representative who understands the unique challenges of the city is vital. Body Corporates in Melbourne face unique challenges not found anywhere else in the world, from weather that makes outdoor building a much bigger challenge than in other capital cities to finding an emergency tradie on AFL Grand Final day, selecting someone who has dealt with the unique challenges that Melbourne offers will help ensure a successful Owner’s Corporation.

Good Owners Corporation Managers have transparent financials.

One of the most important body corporate services is having accurate financial information available when needed. Being able to access the financial records at any time, and have them up to date will help the committee function much more efficiently. Mayfield prides itself on having accessible and accurate financial information that our clients can access whenever they need to.

An Owner’s Corporation Manager must be accessible to you.

Knowing that your Owner’s Corporation Manager is available to you at any time will give you good piece of mind. They should also be able to speak plainly and be able to relate some of the complex regulatory requirements or financial details to you in a way that you can easily understand.

Choose someone that has proven results.

When selecting an Owner’s Corporation Manager, experience is one of the most important factors. If your manager has dealt with an issue before, they’ll know the solution immediately, instead of having to waste valuable time trying to plan a course of action. Mayfield’s senior staff have over 30 years of business management experience between them, and for any problem you might have, chances are they’ve got a solution already.

Don’t be afraid to change.

If your Owner’s Corporation Manager doesn’t have some of these qualities, you could be wasting money or even putting your investment at risk! Selecting a professional service that treats your investment as if it were their own can be more than just the difference between a low and a higher levy, it can be the difference between an Owner’s Corporation that works, and one that does not.

Choose an Owner’s Corporation Manager that takes the stress out of your property.

Selecting Mayfield means you are entrusting your investment with experienced professionals who will keep you informed and guide you through the challenges that are faced by Owner’s Corporations all across Melbourne. Whether it’s a few small townhouses or an inner-city high-rise, we can ensure that your Owner’s Corporation runs smoothly, efficiently and best of all, protect the real estate you have invested in.