Keeping the financials transparent.

Keeping track of the spending is a core task of Owner’s Corporation Managers, but being able to access up to date financial reports conveniently can help all body corporate members feel involved and secure that their Body Corporate Management service is protecting their investment and handling their levies efficiently.

Getting access when you need it.

Looking after common funds is a key task in all Body Corporate Services. It’s not just a matter of keeping track of the receipts, but knowing how the funds are allocated, how much is in reserve and what projected future costs are. A good Body Corporate Management company will ensure that you have access to the financials immediately, transparency means that you’ll be aware of how the fund is doing, and where the money is being spent.

Having up to date information.

You don’t want to wait until something breaks down to realise that there isn’t enough money to repair it. Knowing exactly how the fund is faring can help Owner’s Corporation Members be confident that the Committee is looking after their investment. It also helps plan future spending effectively, otherwise you could be contracting for work using funds that have already been spent!

Select someone you trust.

Choosing Mayfield as your Owner’s Corporation Manager means that you’ll have access to up-to-date financial information when you need it. We believe in transparency across all systems, especially the financials. You’ll know how your money is being spent, and you can access the records whenever you like, and you can rest assured that your Owner’s Corporation is being managed in a financially sound manner.