Who is responsible for repairs?

Maintenance and repair is a major part of an Owner’s Corporation. Having a good manager means you will have a good maintenance plan, but what happens when the unexpected occurs?

What repairs are the Owner’s Corporation responsible for?

The general rule is that if it’s in a common area, it’s the responsibility of the Owner’s Corporation to fix it. If there is a need for urgent repairs, such as a broken water pipe, or an electrical problem, it’s vital to contact the Owner’s Corporation manager as soon as possible. Mayfield has a 24 hour contact line available, so your urgent repair can be attended to as a matter of high priority.

If there is damage in a private area, the repairs must be carried out by the lot owners, at their expense. As will all damages though, if it is the fault of someone else, the owner can lodge a damages claim, and recover the cost of repair from the party that caused the damage.

What if it’s an accident or through negligence?

A good maintenance plan can avoid a lot of unexpected repairs, but it is still possible that unexpected events can cause damage to common property. Regardless of the nature of the incident, it still falls to the Owner’s Corporation to arrange for repairs to common property. As with any damage to private property, this may be recovered from the party at fault if deemed necessary.

Can Owner’s Corporation representatives conduct maintenance on my property without my permission?

Owner’s Corporation representatives cannot enter your private property without your permission. This includes carrying out maintenance, so if you have maintenance issues that fall under the responsibilities of the Owner’s Corporation, such as property-wide replacement of wiring, water pipes or other large scale infrastructure, it is important that you provide explicit permission to the Owner’s Corporation to carry out the work. Without this, the lot may not get the benefits of upgraded infrastructure, or necessary maintenance.

How does Mayfield make this easier?

Mayfield has a 24 hour contact number that will ensure your urgent issues are attended to as soon as possible, while making sure that non-urgent repairs and maintenance are carried out in a timely and professional manner. With Mayfield, you’ll have the maintenance plan you need to avoid many problems, and the support you can depend on for when the unexpected happens. You can rest easy, knowing that help is only a phone call away.