Fire safety regulations and Owner’s Corporations

Fire safety is a vital part of a good Owner’s Corporation, making sure you’re compliant and adequately prepared will help protect your investment as well as yourself.

What does the law require?

The Regulations require the building owner(s) to maintain essential safety measures so that they operate satisfactorily.

There are different obligations under the Regulations dependent on when the building was initially built or when building work occurred on the building.


Maintaining the essential safety measures ensures that the safety systems are in good working order if they should be needed. A good maintenance plan will include provisions for the immediate as well as the long-term future safety needs of the building and residents.

The type of maintenance needed depends on the complexity of the safety measures, the equipment involved and the recommendations of the manufacturer and installer of these measures.

Keeping maintenance records

It’s a requirement to keep records of maintenance checks, safety measures and repair work so a municipal building surveyor or chief officer of the fire brigade can inspect them.

These documents must be made available to the municipal building surveyor or the chief officer on request after 24 hours’ notice has been given.  Inspections are held annually, but there is also a provision for extra inspections, with the required 24 hours’ notice, so having the records on hand when needed is necessary to keep things running smoothly.

We can help

Mayfield will be able to arrange for the required inspections of fire protection equipment as well as the having the necessary compliance documents completed and available for inspection by authorities, so you can be assured that your property is compliant with the regulations and your investment is protected.