How Mayfield can take the hassle out of running a Body Corporate.

A good Body Corporate is essential to protect your investment, as well as resolve any problems that might arise, but one that is ineffective will end up costing you time, money, and can devalue your investment. By using Mayweather Body Corporate Managers to help, you are ensuring your investment is given the maximum amount of protection.

Our experienced staff can help you in the following ways:

Up to date financials, when you need them.

The biggest responsibility of an Owners Corporation is the Administrative Fund. This pays for the routine expenses of maintain and repairing the common areas, such as cleaning, gardening, regular maintenance and similar upkeep.

This money is collected from members of the Owners Corporation by Levies. Being able to see exactly where your money is going is essential for an effective Owners Corporation. With Mayfield, we will have the Owners Corporation financial records accessible to you 24/7, in a format you can understand. No need to go searching through filing cabinets or sorting through emails, it is all right there at your fingertips.

Legal Compliance.

Body Corporates are now commonly called Owners Corporations. You can see the Owners corporation act here. As you can see, it is a fairly in-depth piece of legislation. Our team are experts in ensuring that the actions of your Owners Corporation are legally compliant.

Speedy Resolution.

Getting the right information as quickly as possible can mean the difference between a small problem and a massive one. If there is a complication, we will make sure you know the best course of action, and help you follow through with it efficiently and comprehensively. You will be kept informed every step of the way, so you will know exactly what is happening, and how this helps you.

One point of contact.

Our Owners Corporation Managers are there to help you, if you have a request, you can contact them and they will address it for you. No passing between departments or staff, just one person who is there to help you get the result you need without the added hassle.

Years of experience.

With thirty years of Business Management Experience between our senior staff, we know how to keep on top of the details, and how to make sure you are kept informed at all times.

You stay in control.

It is your investment, and we keep you in control of it all the way. Mayfield takes care of the details, but you are still in charge, just with a lot less stress. We can arrange insurance, collect levies, negotiate quotes, provide audits and a whole host of activities that we can streamline for you.

Sound Advice.

With Mayfield, you will always get balanced, professional advice. Our goal is to protect your investment, and the better your Owners Corporation is managed, the more protected that investment will be. Because we represent the interests of the Owners Corporation as a whole, you can be assured that you are getting impartial and knowledgeable information.

So as you can see, by entrusting your Owners Corporation management to Mayfield, you can trust you will be getting the best possible advice in a timely and professional manner, while you can continue enjoying your investment, rather than worry about it.