Grievance Management.

Disagreements can occur within even the most understanding people. The key is always to address them before a small issue between two people becomes a large one that can affect the whole community. This is where having Mayfield as your Owner’s Corporation Manager can help resolve these issues quickly, fairly and within the law.

We are here to help.

With decades of experience, whatever grievance you might have, there is every chance we have dealt with it before. That experience, as well as being an independent party, means we can help you to come to an equitable solution with minimal hassle.

We are your first point of contact.

A single email, phone call or chat is all it takes for you to get us involved. We can speak to the parties involved and make a recommendation based on the situation at hand, with the best interests of the entire Owner’s Corporation as the number one priority.

Informal Mediation.

Sometimes, all it takes is for the parties involved to sit down and clear the air. Mayfield can help mediate these discussions so that all discussion is constructive, respectful, and moving towards a solution.

Real world examples.

Whether the grievance is against a single party or a whole group of people, we can tell you what has happened in similar situations we have seen before. This takes the fear and guesswork out of the discussion, which allows us to recommend a sound course of action.

Let us do the hard work.

With Mayfield as your Owner’s Corporation Manager, the state of the Owner’s Corporation is always our primary concern. This extends into all aspects of the property, from the financials and maintenance to the wellbeing of the members. We are there to help with any problems you might have, at any time.