Resolving Noise issues.

One of the most common complaints among residential Body Corporates is noise. Whether it’s loud music late at night or the early morning lawnmower, complaints about noise can cause some problems in even the nicest Owner’s Corporation. Here are some ideas on how Owner’s Corporations can handle noise complaints.

Set rules for noise, and enforce them evenly.

You should have rules regarding when noise must cease. Enforcing them evenly means that you have to apply them to everyone at all times. If there are celebrations where you want to lift these noise bans, such as New Year’s Eve or other holidays, make sure that those dates are written into the rules, or have an appropriate process that allows an exemption to the rule if prior notice is given, and appropriate considerations are taken.

Treat all complaints seriously.

Acknowledging the complaint and looking for a solution is always a first step. Bring the parties together and try and work out a solution. Can the noisy activity be scheduled for a more appropriate time? Can it be moved to an area that doesn’t channel noise so effectively? Are there other, quieter ways to do this? It may turn out to be a simple fix, but getting on to it early is always the key to resolving any problem.

Consider how sound travels in communal areas.

If you’ve got long, bare communal hallways, they’ll funnel sound right through them. Think about adding decorative elements to these areas, such as wall coverings, plants or carpet. Even a few small seating areas can stop the sound travelling so much, and reduce the volume of the noise, all while adding to the appeal of communal areas.

Think about other deadening materials.

Sound proofing can have other benefits besides reducing noise. If you insulate walls and install double glazed windows when building or renovating, the savings in energy efficiency can also be considerable. If it costs less to heat or cool, as well as keeping everything nice and quiet, it could be a big benefit to everyone.

If in doubt, contact us.

While these things can often be sorted out quickly and amicably between both parties, there may be times when you just want to check on how best to approach the matter. In that case, Mayfield can advise you on how to do that, as well as the relevant laws and regulations that apply to noise in the area. Feel free to ask us about it, even if it’s just for clarification. After all, we’re here to look after you, and your investment.