The role of the Owner’s Corporation Committee.

All Owner’s Corporation with 13 or more lots must have an elected Committee. If there are fewer than 13 lots, a Committee is still important, but not legally required. Without a committee, all the lot owners will need to act as a committee and vote on the necessary decisions.

What does a Committee do?

The Owner’s Corporation Committee’s role is to represent the interests of the members of the Owner’s Corporation. As some Owner’s Corporations can have hundreds of members, having a smaller committee making the decisions on behalf of the rest of the lot owners can be a lot more efficient than all-inclusive meetings.

Committees deal with any issues faced by the Owner’s Corporation, such as administration or maintenance. If there is an issue that requires in-depth analysis, they may form a sub-committee to investigate and report back with a recommended course of action.

A Committee will also include some executive positions, such as a Chairperson and Secretary.

How do I become a Committee member?

Every year, and Annual General Meeting must be held, where a Committee is voted in. To be eligible, you must be a lot owner or an accepted proxy, and also be able to hold the position for the twelve months until the next Committee election is held.

What are the skills necessary to be a good Committee member?

When you’ve got a reliable Owner’s Corporation Manager, we take care of all the intricate compliance issues, so while it’s handy to know about the relevant laws and acts, it is not an absolute necessity.

What you should have is the time available to attend meetings, as well as a motivation to ensure your Owner’s Committee is following best practice. The rest, Mayfield can help ensure that you are taking the best course of action.

Ensuring you are compliant.

Navigating around the relevant laws, acts and regulations can be time consuming and complicated. This is why Mayfield is there to help you. We are there to give you advice on keeping compliant, as well as recommend courses of action that will save you time and money in the short and the longer term too.

Even if you are particularly confident that you have the necessary legal knowledge, having the time to enact it, as well as keeping current with any developments in the field can soon build up. By allowing us on board, we take the worry, hassle and time invested off your hands, and provide you with our expert advice, honed by decades of experience, keeping your investment safe, and your Owner’s Corporation running as smoothly as possible.