Pest control in an Owner’s Corporation.

Maintaining a property involves looking after many different aspects of the lot. This can include dealing with pests, but what are the responsibilities of the individual owners and the Owner’s Corporation?

Having a strategy.

From mice to termites, pests can do great damage to buildings and common areas. Setting up a plan to deal with this should be a part of your annual forecast. By the time you find a pest problem, it’s usually been there for quite a long time, and prevention can be a much cheaper option than repair. Especially if termites are involved.

Who is responsible?

Generally, if the problem is in a common area, it is the responsibility of the Owner’s Corporation. If it is in a particular lot, it’s the lot owner who must deal with the pests. The problem is that it’s rarely so clear-cut. Pests can often move through areas and spread between them, so having a concerted approach from the Owner’s Corporation can ensure that everyone is protected from unwanted pests.

Choosing the right approach.

Whether you opt for yearly inspections or leave it up to individual owners, having a plan in place to deal with pest problems can mean you are able to react quickly if they occur. Getting on top of the problem immediately can keep the pests from spreading further, and causing more damage. Preventative spraying is a good option if you live in a termite prone area (or even just as a precaution).

Getting a good quality pest controller.

Mayfield keeps a list of quality service providers and tradespeople. We can connect you with a good pest controller, and help you determine the best course of action to protect you and your property. We can help you control the problem quickly, effectively and with minimal impact to the people living in the property.