Helping developers set up a successful strata plan

A property development requires a large investment of time, expertise and capital. Choosing Mayfield as a partner early on can help smooth out some potential problems, as well as gain you sound advice that may even see a bigger return on your investment.

When to contact Mayfield.

The sooner you contact Mayfield, the better. Where possible, contact should be initiated once the land is purchased, to ensure that a comprehensive course of action can be planned well ahead of time.

How can Mayfield help developers?

Mayfield has specialist Developer consultants who can provide a whole range of support services, such as:

  • Review the strata plans and development drawings.
  • Assist with the subdivision of lots.
  • Help with tender and interview process for building service providers.
  • Aid in establishing a compliance framework for local and government authorities.
  • Convene the first Annual General Meetings of the Owner’s Corporation.
  • Provide feedback on the budget and levy establishment.
  • Ensure that the Owner’s Corporation begins with a workable and relevant set of bylaws and guidelines.
  • Be the point of contact for the developer and for the incoming owners.

Mayfield know what our clients want.

With a combined 30 years of business management experience between the senior staff, Mayfield have talked with lot owners, committee members and developers thousands of times. We know what some of the common needs for everyone are, and potential problems that might arise. By bringing Mayfield on-board early these can be avoided, meaning that the end-stage development is reached quicker, and can appeal directly to those wanting to invest in it.

Have a single point of contact.

Mayfield provides a single Developer Consultant as a point of contact, so when you need assistance, they will already know what has been happening, and what needs to be organised moving forward. This means less time is spent explaining the history of the project, and more time available to push it to completion.

Have a partner you can trust.

With Mayfield on-board, we can be the support you need to transition control to the Owner’s Corporation, and give them the tools and advice necessary to keep everything running as smoothly as possible, from the very first meeting. The result is a well-informed committee, a smooth transition, and a minimum of regulatory headaches.