Protect your property – use compliant materials

Recent issues with cladding and insulation have highlighted the dangers of using non-compliant materials for maintenance or new structures, but what are the dangers of this, and how can it be avoided?

What are non-compliant materials?

The most recent example many people are familiar with would be the use of flammable cladding in some Melbourne apartments, but there are many ways non-compliant materials can be used – even without the knowledge of the Owner’s Committee.

Using cheaper alternatives, such as un-certified electrical wiring, unrated or untreated wood or other assorted products can lead to a lower quote or a short term saving, but the results can be very expensive.

What are the dangers of using them?

If your builder has used non-compliant materials, there are several risks:

  • They may be defective. Compliant materials are tested in Australia. They need to pass safety checks and stand up to the expected conditions. Without this quality control, the materials you receive may not be fit to use.
  • The materials may be a hazard.  The cladding is just one example. Wiring that has brittle coating can become a fire hazard. Gas pipes that have leaky seals become a health hazard. Untreated wood can warp, break, or be eaten by termites.
  • You might void your insurance. If something happens, and there’s a chance that non-compliant materials were involved, you can expect the insurance company to look into the claim very thoroughly. In some cases, there’s a chance they may even cancel the policy.

What is the best way to protect myself from this sort of thing?

By using Mayfield as your Owners Corporation Management Company, you’ll have access to our expert advice on reputable builders. We know what questions need to be asked before they start work, and we know the dangers, and how to avoid them. Our experience and know-how helps minimise the risk and because we’ve been in the industry for so long, we know what a realistic quote will be. We’ll make sure you’re getting the best possible quality, time-frame and price possible, from reputable, licensed building professionals.