How a garden can add value to your investment.

Balconies, lawns, fences and gardens can make up a great deal of common land in Owner’s Corporations, but they can have uses beyond just being decorative, and can even add to the value of the property if done well.

Trees can be the perfect option.

Big, leafy trees can add much needed shade to outdoor areas, while giving a home to local bird life. This might not sound like much, but it is truly amazing how a bit of shade and some bird songs can create a relaxing feel in a garden. Leafy trees can drop a lot of foliage in winter, but with a good gardener (or some community spirit) these can be turned into mulch for the rest of the garden quite easily.

Using plants for privacy.

Concrete walls serve as fences well enough, but they aren’t always great to look at. Using hedges or shrubs to divide common areas from private sections of the property can give several benefits. For a start, greenery is often a lot more appealing than concrete or bare wood. Plants can also be pruned to the desired height, so tenants or owners can have a boundary that they can modify easily enough to suit their taste. A flowering shrub can also add a splash of colour to an otherwise drab area, creating a lively and appealing backdrop to the common and private areas that it borders.

Large, open lawns create usable space.

Having lawn areas gives you many options that a concrete slab doesn’t have. Lawns are inviting, social and a great place for communal celebration. They may take a bit of care, but the additional appeal means that if your property were to be put on the market, it may well see greater interest from potential buyers, due to this shared area.

Plan the garden.

Randomly planting greenery is not a good idea. A good garden is planned out from the start, to create the desired impact on the people that are in it. There should be open spaces, shaded areas and appropriate plants for the climate and location in the garden. You don’t want to plant a tree, only for it to wither without the sunlight it needs. Take your time when landscaping, and don’t be afraid to consult a professional.

Consider a communal veggie patch.

Veggie gardens are becoming very popular, both in the inner city and suburban areas. Whether it’s a rooftop raised garden bed or a section of common area put aside for growing fruit, this added feature has some great appeal. Selecting a good range of fruits or vegetables mean that members can grow the things they like. From a lemon tree and watermelons to carrots and spring onions, having access to fresh, organic produce has become very popular in many areas – as well as being an environmentally friendly option.

Landscaping adds value (and satisfaction).

Creating value in a property is all about appealing to potential buyers. The more people that can see themselves feeling at home in your property, the higher the value will be if you decide to sell. In the mean-time, building equity by using the green areas of common property can be a fantastic option for many Owner’s Corporations, adding value as well as a sense of satisfaction to all the residents. Mayfield can help you find a good landscaper to help you with it, as well as a quality maintenance service to keep it looking great, all year long.