The benefits of having one point of contact

An Owner’s Corporation has many different responsibilities. At any one time, the committee may need to liaise with an electrician, respond to a notice from the local council, plan a community event, mediate a disagreement between lot owners, and chase up levies in arrears. Knowing who to contact for all these items isn’t as complicated as you might think though.

Mayfield is a single point of contact for you

No matter what problems your Owner’s Corporation is having, Mayfield is the first point of contact for advice, and a solid plan to resolve the issue. Knowing how to handle a wide variety of situations is the cornerstone of a good Owner’s Corporation manager.

There is always someone available

Some problems are more urgent than others, such as emergency repairs, or unexpected complications to routine matters. Being able to contact a Mayfield representative 24 hours a day, ready to advise you on these urgent items means that emergency repairs can be started as soon as possible.

Never any confusion

With one point of contact, there is no confusion about who is responsible for which area. Instead of wondering if the hot water system need a plumber or an electrician, one call to Mayfield means the problem is being handled.

Convenient and competent

With one call to Mayfield, you’ll have access to experienced Owner’s Corporation managers who have dealt with something similar before. They have access to the information and people necessary to resolve your problem promptly, with minimum of fuss.

Complete peace of mind.

Knowing that all the help you’ll need is just one phone call away for whatever problems that may come up in an Owner’s Corporation means you don’t need to keep up to date records of every potential consultant and tradie. Mayfield does that for you, and provides you with the best solution for the situation, quickly and efficiently. With Mayfield, you can relax, knowing that your investment is getting the best protection possible.