The need for security

A key component of a good Owner’s Corporation community is safety and security. Ensuring that tenants and owners can feel their home is a sanctuary increases the potential tenants, investors and improves the satisfaction of those already in the community.

Secure access

The first point of security is access to the property. This can be as simple as a combination-coded gate or involve individual access cards with PIN identification. These access points also need to be able to open in emergency situations, so a simple padlock or deadbolt may be non-compliant and simply dangerous if there is a fire or other emergency.

Secure access is often a compromise between convenience and security, so making sure that you strike the right balance between the two requires experience, and consultation with the community.


When an access point can be opened remotely, a working intercom is necessary. Knowing the right technology mix ensures that it allows residents to conveniently allow visitors in, without leaving their property, but it can also become a major security issue if it is not maintained, or does not provide video of those requesting access. Choosing the right system makes all the difference.

Closed Circuit Television

Many Owner’s Corporations are turning to CCTV as part of their security plan, and for good reason. The sight of cameras can act as a deterrent to theft and vandalism, as well as evidence if these crimes occur.

Security cameras can have another benefit, by providing evidence to insurers if any claims are made against the Owner’s Corporation, especially when a “Contributory Negligence” (Slip and fall) claim is made against the Owner’s Corporation. Having video footage can be crucial in establishing the facts of the case, which can shorten legal proceedings, and potentially avoid spurious claims.


Security alarms come in many forms. The best security system often involves a blend of different sensors, such as contact sensors on windows, glass breakage sensors and motion sensors for the property boundary.

Shatter proof glass

Windows are one of the most common points of access for thieves. Securing them is the first step in securing your property. Shatter proof glass is laminated with plastic, so that when broken, it does not fall into pieces. This means that even a broken window can block access to the property.

Security patrols

Having a security company monitor the system increases the effectiveness, though does come at some expense. Choosing between having a security member at the property at all times, having regular patrols or only having a guard called when there has been a breach is a matter that takes serious consideration.

Getting the mix right

Choosing the right blend of security, safety and convenience takes expert knowledge. Knowing what suppliers to use, and what costs to expect is also an area that takes experience. Mayfield can help advise you on all of these decisions, and help the residents in your property sleep a little more soundly.